Howdy from Austin, Texas

Hola, and welcome to my informal wine blog.

I’m SMiles Lewis. I’m just into my 40s and have recently, within the last year and a half, made a switch from beer to wine. This wasn’t really a conscious decision and it was a full year into the switch before it really occurred to me that it had happened.

It took me years of beer drinking in late high school / early college before I truly became a hardened beer drinker, appreciating light ales to dark stouts. I’d largely avoided wines altogether due to several early age extreme reactions – the worst migraines I’ve ever had were after drinking reds. I could still drink white wines fairly safely, and I enjoyed the annual bubbly rituals of New Years and other celebratory excuses for consuming fizzy alcohols, but generally steered clear unless that was the only alcohol available.

I supposed my conversion to being a wine drinker likely started (or was sealed) when my wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by going to Fredericksburg for a few days and visiting several nearby wineries. I now enjoy all types of wine but have decided to try and more fully explore my preferred type which are Rieslings. I have a sweet tooth and these tend to appeal to me the most, though I must say I’ve explored several other varieties since that wedding anniversary.

My wife prefers reds but has an expansive appreciation for all varieties. She and her sister have started their own wine blog and I’m already enjoying reading it. It’s called Wine Into Women and I highly recommend you check it out.

I hope you are as interested in wine as we are and that you’ll take this new journey with us as we explore the wonderful world of wine. Texas has a growing wine community, having close to double the number of wineries in operation it had since 2005 to over 120 in 2012

– SMiles aka “TexWine”